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Singer, Songwriter and Speaker


Gail Cogburn was born in Alice,TX. She and her family moved to Austin where Gail grew up. Gail became a local celebrity (known as Gail Norrell) and quickly gained notoriety within the music world. She was a natural born Country Singer. Her country sound took her from the heart of Texas to the heart beat of Nashville, that being back stage of the Grand Ole Opry, and Music Row Record Shops.


While many opportunities were available to her, she needed to devote her time to family. She raised her three children and also became a prominent business owner. She has enjoyed success in both. Although from the world’s view there was much success, there was an emptiness about Gail. Her need for the Lord, and a relationship with God became so real in her heart. Gail will tell you she “went down cussing and came up praising.” This is not a cliché`; this is real life transformation and truth.


Today Gail is known as not only a talented, award-winning inspired singer and songwriter. She is also known as a fantastic speaker. Gail has a God-given gift of bringing the Word of the Lord to life. Gail has the ability and passion for sharing her personal growth experiences, as well as life changing wisdom. God’s call upon Gail’s life is effervescent and contagious. She has felt personal tragedy, faced spiritual opposition, walked through some of the most difficult of life’s days. Yet she has found the secret of staying on the path with God. Gail shares what the Lord has given her in the belief that sharing either through song, speaking or writing, lives will be changed.


Gail’s “Texas drawl” is met with her Southern charm. Both abound through her music, and her speaking. Yet neither is as clear as her passion for the Lord and His call upon her life.